Saturday, 7 November 2009

I'm pleased to be getting quite a few hits, over 1500 at the moment. I've only recently noticed that the download link didn't work. I'm not sure why, probably just rubbish hosting. New links here and here just to be sure.
There will be a new version Mutify soonish but its getting fairly tricky so probably on the longer side of soon.

Monday, 15 June 2009

I and (probably) millions of people use Spotify which I love but as I use it really very often the adverts really began to get on my tits, so I developed Mutify.

Mutify finds the track playing on Spotify and when it recognises an advert by searching an updatable database of advert track names and artists, it mutes the computer sound and then simulates a spacebar press which makes Spotify play the advert despite the fact that it is muted, simple but effective. Of course that means you get 30 seconds of silence but I find this much nicer.
Since it was very little extra effort to include it, it can also mute normal tracks which, again, you can add or take from a database.
The ultimate aim is to, upon muting just Spotify, playing a song from another source, such as iTunes and then continuing the Spotify playlist, but that is probably just off the horizon at the moment.

Mutify runs in the taskbar using very little resources and to prevents Johnathan from Spotify interrupting your music.

Mutify is released under the GNU Public License.
Copyright Oscar Wyatt 2009
Thanks to Owen Campbell-Moore for SpotifyRawr also released on GNU.

Mutify is currently in version 0.3.1 and hasn't been tested on some platforms, please contact me if you spot any bugs or with any comments or possible improvements.

Download it here or here
This is only for Windows (developed on XP) but Mac users might find this useful